A CLEAN-based synthetic aperture passive localization algorithm for multiple signal sources

Y Wang, W Dong, GC Sun, Z Zhang… - IEEE Journal on …, 2022 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
In passive localization, the received signal may come from multiple signal sources with
different modulations. The modulations are usually resolved by high-order spectrum (HOS) …

[HTML][HTML] Passive Location for 5G OFDM Radiation Sources Based on Virtual Synthetic Aperture

T Zhang, X Zhang, Q Yang - Remote Sensing, 2023 - mdpi.com
Passive location technology has been greatly developed because of its low power
consumption, long detection distance, good concealment, and strong anti-interference …

Synthetic Aperture Passive Localization for Frequency Hopping Signal

W Dong, Y Wang, G Sun, Z Zhang… - IGARSS 2022-2022 …, 2022 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
Frequency hopping (FH) signal is one of the research hotspots of passive positioning.
Aiming at the problem of FH signal localization, this paper proposes a synthetic aperture …

Space-Borne Passive Location Based on a Virtual Synthetic Aperture Mechanism

T Zhang, Q Yang, X Zhang, X Wu - International Conference on Wireless …, 2021 - Springer
The passive location method based on space-borne phase interferometer has to design
more complex structures of antenna and system to solve the conflict between phase …