Ground Moving Target Indication and Relocation in Spaceborne MIMO-SAR Systems1

L Wang, P Huang, X Lin, XG Xia… - IEEE Transactions on …, 2023 -
Multiple-input–multiple-output (MIMO) technique has recently received great attention due to
its promising prospect for ground moving target indication (GMTI) applications in a synthetic …

[HTML][HTML] A novel detection scheme in image domain for multichannel circular SAR ground-moving-target indication

Q Dong, B Wang, M Xiang, Z Wang, Y Wang, C Song - Sensors, 2022 -
Circular synthetic aperture radar (CSAR), which can observe the region of interest for a long
time and from multiple angles, offers the opportunity for moving-target detection (MTD) …

A general framework for slow and weak range-spread ground moving target indication using airborne multichannel high-resolution radar

C Song, B Wang, M Xiang, Q Dong… - … on Geoscience and …, 2022 -
Airborne multichannel high-resolution radar (HRR)-ground moving target indication (GMTI)
is of great significance to wide-area surveillance, traffic monitoring, and target recognition …

A novel imaging-based target detection and parameter estimation scheme for airborne multichannel circular stripmap SAR

C Song, B Wang, M Xiang, R Shi… - … on Geoscience and …, 2023 -
Airborne multichannel circular stripmap synthetic aperture radar (CSSAR)-ground moving
target indication (GMTI) has drawn increasing attention in wide-area surveillance …

[HTML][HTML] Strong Clutter Suppression Using Spatial and Signal Similarity for Multi-Channel SAR Ground-Moving-Target Indication

Q Dong, W Li, R Shi, K Wang, B Wang, C Song… - Remote Sensing, 2023 -
This paper presents a new two-stage approach for suppressing strong clutter and detecting
moving targets using scatterers' spatial structure and signal similarity. Compared with the …

[HTML][HTML] Ground moving target detection and estimation for airborne multichannel radar based on coherent difference processing

C Song, B Wang, M Xiang, W Xu, Z Wang, Y Wang… - Remote Sensing, 2022 -
Ground moving targets with slow velocity and low radar cross-section (RCS) are usually
embedded in the clutter Doppler spectrum. To achieve the detection and estimation of such …

An Advanced Lightweight Dual-Band Digital Array SAR System: Earth Observation Imaging and Moving Target Detection

B Wang, C Song, N Liu, Z Liu, L Zhou… - IEEE Sensors …, 2023 -
High-resolution synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging has great application potential in
terrain mapping, oceanographic observation, air-to-ground reconnaissance, and regional …