Narrow-band interference suppression for SAR based on independent component analysis

F Zhou, M Tao, X Bai, J Liu - IEEE Transactions on Geoscience …, 2013 -
The narrow-band interference (NBI) is a common jamming signal against synthetic aperture
radar (SAR), which can degrade the imaging quality severely. This paper proposes a new …

地球同步轨道双基SAR 成像方法

宋舒, 马仑, 廖桂生 - 数据采集与处理, 2013 -
地球同步轨道发射, 低地球轨道接收体制的天基雷达系统具有观测范围广,
抗摧毁和抗干扰能力强, 组网灵活等优点. 分析发现, 该系统中回波的包络不仅与地表场景的斜距 …

A jamming strategy against synthetic aperture radar with varieties of squint angles and wide beams

X Lin, G Xue, P Liu - MIPPR 2013: Multispectral Image …, 2013 -
In order to form a false scene in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) image, deceptive jammer
need to get the relevant SAR parameters. In these parameters, squint angle and beamwidth …