Deception jamming for squint SAR based on multiple receivers

B Zhao, F Zhou, Z Bao - IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in …, 2014 -
A deception jamming method for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) based on multiple receivers
is proposed. This method deals with the parameters of hostile SAR as a whole for deception …

Improved method for synthetic aperture radar scattered wave deception jamming

B Zhao, F Zhou, M Tao, Z Zhang… - IET Radar, Sonar & …, 2014 - Wiley Online Library
This study presents an improved scattered wave jamming method for synthetic aperture
radar (SAR). The jammer adjusts the time‐delay and the phase of the intercepted SAR …

Novel jamming suppression method using polarization sar data

XH Lin, GY Xue, P Liu - Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, 2014 -
Barrage and deceptive jamming can mask the synthetic aperture radar (SAR) signals and
render SAR useless. In this paper, a novel jamming suppression method based on …