Deception jamming method based on micro‐Doppler effect for vehicle target

X Shi, F Zhou, B Zhao, M Tao… - IET Radar, Sonar & …, 2016 - Wiley Online Library
Ground moving target is the main concern for ground surveillance radar. To protect the
manoeuvring target from being detected by radar, some jamming technologies are utilised …

Improved synthetic aperture radar micro‐Doppler jamming method based on phase‐switched screen

L Xu, D Feng, X Wang - IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation, 2016 - Wiley Online Library
Target micro‐motions such as rotation and vibration introduce phase modulation, termed as
micro‐Doppler (m‐D) effect, onto synthetic aperture radar (SAR) signals. This causes ghost …

Deceptive jamming suppression for SAR based on time-varying initial phase

Q Feng, H Xu, Z Wu, B Sun - 2016 IEEE International …, 2016 -
Deceptive jamming, covering the true targets and producing false targets in the SAR image,
has been widely applied in electronic warfare. To effectively suppress the deceptive …