A barrage noise jamming method based on double jammers against three channel SAR GMTI

X Chang, C Dong - IEEE Access, 2019 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
Many jamming methods have been proposed against displaced phase center antenna
(DPCA) process, which is a type of three-channel synthetic aperture radar (SAR) ground …

Deception against near-field synthetic aperture radar using networked jammers

F Zhou, T Tian, B Zhao, X Bai… - IEEE Transactions on …, 2019 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
We propose a new deceptive jamming method using networked receivers to perform
deceptive jamming against multimode synthetic aperture radar. Using multiple receivers to …

Mosaic scene deception jamming based on 2D separation modulation against SAR

X Chang, C Dong, Z Tang… - IET Radar, Sonar & …, 2019 - Wiley Online Library
The false scene, which is formed by the false scene deception jamming signal, can cover the
real target and scene, confuse synthetic aperture radar (SAR), and mislead the decision …


曾铮, 张福博, 陈龙永, 卜祥玺, 周思言 - 雷达学报, 2019 - radars.ac.cn
针对距离延时和方位多普勒频率调制两类合成孔径雷达(SAR) 欺骗干扰问题,
该文提出一种基于多输入多输出合成孔径雷达(MIMO-SAR) 的2 维混合基线抗欺骗干扰方法 …

Adaptive waveform design for SAR in a crowded spectrum

C Tierney - 2019 - era.ed.ac.uk
This thesis concerns the development of an adaptive waveform design scheme for synthetic
aperture radar (SAR) to support its operation in the increasingly crowded radio frequency …

A Two-dimensional Mixed Baseline Method Based on MIMO-SAR for Countering Deceptive Jamming

Z Zheng, Z Fubo, C Longyong, BU Xiangxi, Z Siyan - 雷达学报, 2019 - radars.ac.cn
A novel approach using two-dimensional mixed baseline based on Multi-Input Multi-Output
Synthetic Aperture Radar (MIMO-SAR) has been proposed for range delay and azimuth …