Parameterized and Large-dynamic-range Two-dimensional Precise Controllable SAR Jamming: Characterization, Modeling, and Analysis

Y Wang, G Jin, C Song, P Lu, S Han… - … on Geoscience and …, 2023 -
Barrage jamming technique with controllable jamming coverage against synthetic aperture
radar (SAR) systems is of great importance in electronic countermeasures (ECMs) …

An Effective Minimum Entropy Deconvolution and Zero Phase Filter Algorithm for Blanket Jamming Suppression on Carrier-free Ultra-Wideband SAR

S Chen, H Yang, Y Yuan, S Zhang - IEEE Sensors Journal, 2023 -
Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is a high-resolution microwave imaging radar. Compared to
conventional SARs, the ultra-wideband (UWB) SAR exhibits a larger bandwidth and offers …

Effective Barrage Noise Jamming for Spotlight SAR using Extended Kalman Filter-based Kinematic Parameter Estimation

H Lee, KW Kim - IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied …, 2023 -
A barrage noise jamming method for spotlight synthetic aperture radar (SAR) with kinematic
parameter estimation using extended Kalman filter (EKF) is newly proposed. The main …

Knowledge-Aided Main-Lobe Jamming Cancellation Based on Space-Time Hopping Coding

J Bo, J Zhang, W Wang, W Li, H Wang, Y Li… - Available at SSRN … -
Main-lobe jamming (MLJ) suppression is a difficult challenge in modern electronic
countermeasures (ECM). When the direction-of-arrivals (DOAs) of the MLJ signal and the …