An improved shift-and-correlation (ISAC) algorithm for Doppler rate estimation based on the radon transform

Y Wu, G Sun, X Li, M Xing, Z Bao - 2013 - IET
Doppler rate is an important parameter in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) signal processing
since it affects the SAR image focusing. This paper addresses the problem of Doppler rate …

An Improved Doppler Rate Estimation Approach Based on the Range-Keystone Transform

YF Wu, GC Sun, MD Xing, Z Bao - 电子与信息学报, 2013 -
Doppler rate estimation is an essential procedure in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) signal
processing. For the Doppler rate estimation in spotlight and sliding spotlight SAR focused …

An improved SAC algorithm based on the range-keystone transform for Doppler rate estimation

Y Wu, G Sun, XG Xia, M Xing… - IEEE Geoscience and …, 2012 -
Doppler rate is an important parameter in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) signal processing
since it affects the SAR image focusing. There are many approaches to estimate the Doppler …

An improved doppler rate estimation approach for sliding spotlight sar data based on the transposition domain

Z Xiao-qiang, C Xiao-lan, H Bing, L Bin - 雷达学报, 2014 -
In image processing of high-resolution sliding spotlight SAR, it is important to know the
Doppler rate with accuracy; however, traditional Doppler rate estimation algorithms are not …

Modified Multilook Cross Correlation technique for Doppler centroid estimation in SAR image signal processing

S Bee Cheng - Ph. D. Thesis, 2012 -
Abstract Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is one of the widely used remote sensing sensors
which produces high resolution image by using advance signal processing technique. SAR …

Improved Doppler parameter estimation of squint SAR based on slope detection

W Li, J Yang, Y Huang - International Journal of Remote Sensing, 2014 - Taylor & Francis
For high-quality synthetic aperture radar (SAR) processing, Doppler parameter estimation is
an essential procedure. In this article, first the relationship between slope and Doppler …

Ambiguity-free Doppler centroid estimation technique for airborne SAR using the Radon transform

YK Kong, BL Cho, YS Kim - IEEE transactions on geoscience …, 2005 -
In synthetic aperture radar (SAR) signal processing, the Doppler centroid estimation
technique, called the" clutter-lock", is important because it is related to the signal-to-noise …

PRF-ambiguity resolution for SAR by contrast minimization in range-Doppler domain

M Yu, J Xu, Y Peng - Frontiers of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in …, 2007 - Springer
An algorithm was developed to accurately estimate the Doppler centroid, which is needed
for high-quality synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image formation by resolving the SAR pulse …

Joint Estimation of Doppler Parameters for SAR with Large Range Migration

M Yu, J Xu, YN Peng, X Wang - 2006 IEEE Antennas and …, 2006 -
By exploiting the statistical property of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) range-Doppler domain
signal, a novel approach is proposed in this paper to solve the dilemma whether it is better …

A novel data preprocessing method for resolving doppler ambiguity of spaceborne spotlight SAR

W Wang, X Ma - 2012 2nd International Conference on Remote …, 2012 -
This paper presents a novel data preprocessing method for resolving Doppler ambiguity of
spaceborne spotlight synthetic aperture radar. The new method enhances the azimuth …