Azimuth variant motion error compensation algorithm for airborne SAR imaging based on Doppler adjustment

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Conventional beam-center approximation-based motion compensation (MOCO) algorithms
fail to achieve an optimally focused image in the case of the high-resolution and high …

Azimuth motion compensation with improved subaperture algorithm for airborne SAR imaging

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Conventional motion compensation (MOCO) under beam-center approximation is usually
insufficient to correct severe track deviations for high-resolution synthetic aperture radar …

Efficient space-variant motion compensation approach for ultra-high-resolution SAR based on subswath processing

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Motion compensation (MOCO) is essential to obtain high-quality images for airborne
synthetic aperture radar (SAR). In the case of ultrahigh resolution, how to compensate the …

Efficiency and robustness improvement of airborne SAR motion compensation with high resolution and wide swath

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For airborne synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging with high resolution and wide swath,
the atmospheric turbulence may produce serious range-dependent (RD) motion error. To …

Precise aperture‐dependent motion compensation for high‐resolution synthetic aperture radar imaging

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Aperture‐dependent motion compensation (MOCO) is crucial for high‐resolution airborne
synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging, which can suppress image degradation especially …

Time-domain azimuth-variant MOCO algorithm for airborne SAR imaging

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Current subaperture-based azimuth-variant motion compensation (MOCO) algorithms for
synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery usually suffer from the challenge of keeping high …

Precise focusing of airborne SAR data with wide apertures large trajectory deviations: A chirp modulated back-projection approach

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In the area of airborne synthetic aperture radar (SAR), motion compensation (MOCO) is a
crucial technique employed to correct the SAR data affected by nonlinear platform trajectory …

[HTML][HTML] Range cell migration correction analysis of one-step and two-step motion compensation for millimeter-wave airborne SAR imaging

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Conventional two-step motion compensation (MOCO) method is widely adapted for airborne
synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging due to its conciseness combining with the SAR …

[HTML][HTML] A novel motion compensation scheme for airborne very high resolution SAR

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Due to the atmospheric turbulence, the motion trajectory of airborne very high resolution
(VHR) synthetic aperture radars (SARs) is inevitably affected, which introduces range …

Improvements to the frequency division-based subaperture algorithm for motion compensation in wide-beam SAR

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Motion compensation (MoCo) is pivotal in the processing of airborne synthetic aperture
radar (SAR) data. Motion errors are space variant according to the data acquisition …