Jamming suppression in Dual-channel PolSAR

G Rui, S Guang-cai, Z Feng… - 2009 2nd Asian-Pacific …, 2009 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
In the paper, we provide a method to suppress both the blanketing jamming and the
deceptive jamming in Dual-channel PolSAR (D-PolSAR) system. The model of the signal …

Jamming suppression in D-PolSAR system

R Guo, G Sun, F Zhou, M Xing - 电子与信息学报, 2010 - jeit.ac.cn
In the paper, making use of two key techniques in SAR domainmutichannel SAR and
PolSAR, a method to suppress both the blanketing jamming and the deceptive jamming is …

Interference signal ratio equation of polarimetric synthetic aperture radar active jamming.

NIU Chaoyang, W Jiantao, HU Tao… - Systems …, 2021 - search.ebscohost.com
Effective electronic jamming on polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (PolSAR) is an
important issue in the field of SAR electronic countermeasures. The basic principles of …

Novel jamming suppression method using polarization sar data

XH Lin, GY Xue, P Liu - Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, 2014 - jpier.org
Barrage and deceptive jamming can mask the synthetic aperture radar (SAR) signals and
render SAR useless. In this paper, a novel jamming suppression method based on …

New target detection method in strong active jamming background for polarimetric radar

C Yuliang, L Yongzhen, W Xuesong… - IEEE 10th …, 2010 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
A new method of target detection for polarimetric radar in the presence of strong active
jamming is proposed. Based on analysis of the polarization characterizations of the signals …

The influence of polarization cancellation on radar SINR

C Mao, L Shi, B Ren, W Zhang - 2016 Progress in …, 2016 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
Polarization cancellation is an effective method to improve the radar target detection
performance under the main lobe interference environment. Interference suppression ratio is …

Investigation on countermeasure against SAR dual-channel cancellation technique with multi-jammers

L Huang, CX Dong, GQ Zhao - 电子与信息学报, 2014 - jeit.ac.cn
Dual-channel SAR system and single-look InSAR system are characterized by strong anti-
interference capability. In this paper, a countermeasure method against dual-channel …

Analysis of target loss due to suppressing SAR jamming using dual-channel cancellation

Q Jiangmin, Y Jun, H Zhaohui… - 2006 CIE International …, 2006 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
As an effective method of SAR anti-jamming, dual-channel cancellation scheme gives rise to
the target loss in some periodical areas, while being used for suppressing SAR jamming. In …

Research on deceptive jamming technologies against SAR

S Long, Z Hong-rong, T Yue-sheng… - 2009 2nd Asian …, 2009 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) has its own special features different from conventional
radar. It has high processing gain, so jamming to SAR is more difficult than that to …

Novel research on main-lobe jamming polarization suppression technology

HY Dai, XS Wang, Y Liu, YZ Li, SP Xiao - Science China Information …, 2012 - Springer
A novel main-lobe blanketing interference suppression method which named as spatial
virtual multiple channel concurrent polarization filter technology is proposed. It processes …